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Pre-Lease Application Form

  • Name of the property you are applying for.
  • Estimated Monthly Rent
  • Amount of Security Deposit if Applicable
  • Personal Information

  • Anticipated Move-In Date
  • Residential History

  • Credit History

  • Employment Information

  • If Applicable
  • If Applicable
  • References

  • Where may we reach you to discuss this application?


    I hereby apply to lease the above described premises for the term and upon the set conditions above set forth and agree that the rental is to be payable the first day of each month in advance. As an inducement to the owner of the property and to the agent to accept this application, I warrant that all statements above set forth are true; however, should any statement made above be a misrepresentation or not a true statement of facts, all of the deposit will be retained to offset the agent’s cost, time, and effort in processing my application. I hereby deposit $_______________ as earnest money to be refunded to me if this application is not accepted in three (3) business banking days. Upon acceptance, this deposit shall be retained as part of the security deposit. When so approved and accepted, I agree to execute a lease for ___________ months before possession is given and to pay the balance of the security deposit prior to the move in date. If the application is not approved or accepted by the owner or agent, the deposit will be refunded, the application hereby waiving any claim for damages by reason of non-acceptance which the owner or agent may reject. I recognize that as a part of your procedure for processing my application, an investigative consumer report may be prepared whereby information is obtained through personal interviews with others with whom I may be acquainted. This inquiry includes information as to my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living. The above information, to the best of my knowledge, is true and correct.


  • Authorization – Release of Information

    I authorize an investigation of my credit, tenant history, banking and employment for the purposes of renting a house, apartment, or condominium from this owner/manager.

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